Controlling microbiological quality of indoor environments, a new stake
Biological infestations can considerably damage material they set up on, and generate health issues, especially respiratory problems, mainly in sensitive subjects (children, elderly people, immunocompromised individuals…). Today, preventing those contamination, and especially mold, is a serious concern for diverse industries.
Four sectors are mainly concerned

Preventive preservation of monuments and collections A survey by l’École du Louvre Junior Conseil in 2015 shows that a quarter of historical monuments and about half of national collections have already been infested in France. Indeed, every year, LRMH receives multiple calls about fungal contamination (mold and dry rot). And every year, treatment and renovation operations cost
tens of thousands euros, sometimes millions in case of greater interventions.
Until now, the market solutions did not allow to detect those infestations early enough to take action before damages appear.
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Mandatory dry rot diagnosis Since 2014, ALUR Law decrees that every dry rot case should be reported to city halls. Dry rot represents 4 000 construction works each year with a treatment cost from
5 000 to 60 000 euros for one dwelling.
Once dry rot is visible, damages inflicted on the structure are considerable and could lead to the building collapse. So far, it was impossible to determine dry rot presence at an early stage of development.
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Invasive aspergillosis, a lethal nosocomial infection Second mortality cause by fungal infection in hospitals, invasive aspergillosis is an opportunistic infection, mostly due to Aspergillus fumigatus, that targets immunocompromised patients, such as those who received bone marrow transplants or people weakened by cancer treatments. A constant monitoring of Aspergillus development would be an ideal solution to limit those contaminations. Contact us >
Preservation of grain quality during storage Fungal poison content, whose health effects have been known for many years, is regulated in food and feed industries. Thus, preventing those substances is a major health and economic issue. Bioguess is currently developing a fungal poison detecting solution dedicated to the agri-food sector.
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Our mission To preserve humans and heritage from biological alterations and from their consequences on health, by detecting infestations while they’re invisible Because we commit to help professionals and private individuals to protect themselves from microscopic fungi, we provide them with a groundbreaking solution for detecting fungal development at an early stage.

Our vision To become the reference in heritage bio degradation and related health issues prevention

Our company Reveal the invisible Bioguess is a company specialized in the field of environmental microbiology, especially in monitoring and diagnosing indoor air contaminants.

As a CSTB subsidiary, Bioguess benefit from the group's research capacity and its expertise in the construction sector to improve the buildings quality and safety.

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